Home Security – The Latest Home Invasion Scam

Nearly 60,000 American homes are robbed each year. As hard as it is to believe, in some cases, homeowners actually welcome in criminals. In state after state, fake utility workers are robbing homes.

There was a story recently on “Good Morning America” where they shared tips on staying safe at home and warding off criminals.

The bad guys out there often pose as the good guys: electricians, plumbers, utility company workers, even policemen to gain access to your home. Two weeks ago in Albuquerque several thousands of dollars of police uniforms were stolen out of a local warehouse.

They use fake ID’s and look the part with a uniform and tool box.

The easiest way to stop this is to look at the most difficult thing to duplicate-usually a vehicle. If someone says they are from a utility company, for example, where is their truck and how is it labeled? That’s the kind of thing most would-be crooks can’t duplicate. If you don’t see a vehicle, don’t let him in.

If someone wants to gain entry to your house be suspicious and if you have any doubts don’t let them in. Call their company while they wait outside -with YOUR DOOR LOCKED

Most companies are self conscious about the image they and their employees present. If somebody shows up unshaven, in street clothes, with no name tag or company emblem, they may not be who they claim to be. Ask them to wait while you call their office-with your door locked.

If the person is legit he will still be there when you go back. If not he will be gone and you’ll be safe another day.

Remember this: property crime occurs every 3 seconds, a home burglary every 15 seconds. Don’t let this scam make yours next.

Any time someone wants to get into your house under any circumstances your radar should be on alert. Women in particular tend to be sympathetic to stories con men use to gain entry. Don’t be a victim!

Importance of Technology in Business

Technology plays a vital role in business. Over the years businesses have become dependent on technology so much so that if we were to take away that technology virtually all business operations around the globe would come to a grinding halt. Almost all businesses and industries around the world are using computers ranging from the most basic to the most complex of operations.

Technology played a key role in the growth of commerce and trade around the world. It is true that we have been doing business since time immemorial, long before there were computers; starting from the simple concept of barter trade when the concept of a currency was not yet introduced but trade and commerce was still slow up until the point when the computer revolution changed everything. Almost all businesses are dependent on technology on all levels from research and development, production and all the way to delivery. Small to large scale enterprises depend on computers to help them with their business needs ranging from Point of Sales systems, information management systems capable of handling all kinds of information such as employee profile, client profile, accounting and tracking, automation systems for use in large scale production of commodities, package sorting, assembly lines, all the way to marketing and communications. It doesn’t end there, all these commodities also need to be transported by sea, land, and air. Just to transport your commodities by land already requires the use of multiple systems to allow for fast, efficient and safe transportation of commodities.

Without this technology the idea of globalization wouldn’t have become a reality. Now all enterprises have the potential to go international through the use of the internet. If your business has a website, that marketing tool will allow your business to reach clients across thousands of miles with just a click of a button. This would not be possible without the internet. Technology allowed businesses to grow and expand in ways never thought possible.

The role that technology plays for the business sector cannot be taken for granted. If we were to take away that technology trade and commerce around the world will come to a standstill and the global economy would collapse. It is nearly impossible for one to conduct business without the aid of technology in one form or another. Almost every aspect of business is heavily influenced by technology. Technology has become very important that it has become a huge industry itself from computer hardware manufacturing, to software design and development, and robotics. Technology has become a billion dollar industry for a number of individuals.

The next time you browse a website to purchase or swipe a credit card to pay for something you just bought, try to imagine how that particular purchase would have happened if it were to take place without the aid of modern technology. That could prove to be a bit difficult to imagine. Without all the technology that we are enjoying now it would be like living in the 60’s again. No computers, no cellular phones, no internet. That is how important technology is in business.

Top 5 Must Have Toddler Fashion Pieces For Summer

When the weather gets hot, it’s time to shed the clothing – well enough of it to feel cool. The same goes for your toddler. They want to feel good also. Here are five of the top toddler fashions that your child must have when summer hits.

1. T-shirts – The great thing about t-shirts is that they can go anywhere and be fashionable. Consider layering for your toddler. It works for both boys and girls. Cover a simple white t-shirt with a baby doll top for toddler girls. Young boys can wear a brighter colored t-shirt over their white one for cooler mornings. When the temperature rises, shed the over shirt and simply sport the t-shirt. Choose good quality cotton t-shirts that can stand up to several washings without becoming threadbare. Introduce your kids to the vintage screen print you enjoyed as a kid like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Harley Davidson. Parents like to adorn their toddlers in shirts with cute sayings like “Little Princess” or “Dad’s Number One Guy.” Choose fun colors like blue, hot pink and sunny yellow.

2. Shorts – We are referring to corded shorts in particular. Older boys like them and your toddler boy wants to be as much in fashion as they do. Corded shorts are long enough for your toddler to have the majority of their legs covered when playing in the sun but also loose fitting so that air can circulate and keep him cool. These shorts come in solids and surfer dude designs.

3. Sundresses – What little girl wouldn’t look cute in a pink or floral sundress? For toddler girls, they can sport the spaghetti straps when you are out for a day in the park or on vacation at the beach. For an evening out to dinner, your toddler will look great in a short sleeve sundress. It is dressy and keeps her shoulders from feeling cold.

4. Jacket – Even in the summer, there are cooler nights when a jacket would make a perfect addition to your toddler’s wardrobe. Coordinate their jacket with their outfit. That means having at least a jean jacket and a cotton one available.

5. Capri pants – These are equivalent to the corded shorts for toddler boys. Toddler girls will remain stylish in these calf length pants. Choose from jean, cotton and polyester blend. Give your little girl a variety of colors and prints to choose from. Many little girls like pink and purple shades. Don’t forget the floral, stripes, acid wash and embroidered prints.

Whenever your toddler leaves the house, make sure that they are dressed to the nines. Here are five fashions your toddler’s wardrobe needs to be complete.

Bikini Cleavage – What’s the Trend This Year in Swimwear Fashions?

Summertime gives women the perfect excuse for her to show off some bare skin. Bikini cleavage is trendy but popular. That’s why so many females get a gym membership so they can get trim and slim down for bikini season.

Skin clinics are certainly popular during winter months when ladies plan for their island or cruise ship vacations. However, when springtime arrives and warm weather and sunshine lures us outside, we might think about going to the gym to get our bodies in shape for bikini season. Why a skin clinic? Girls want their skin to look blemish-free, smooth, and silky.

Equally important to a woman are the swimsuits she buys for the season. No trendy and chic woman wants to be caught wearing last season’s swimsuit style.

To prepare for this season’s swimsuit season, you know that bikinis do the best job of showing off your cleavage. The latest trend this year is to wear a revealing swimsuit top that shows off and accentuates your bikini cleavage.

To achieve this year’s style trend, just wear a swimsuit that has a deep V-plunge neckline. You might be amazed to learn that swimwear designers have created deep V-necklines that go way below the bust line. When you wear this style top, it will show enough bikini cleavage that will surely merit the attention of a lot of men.

The V-plunge has a seductive appeal to a man because he can’t see everything. He sees the flesh that creates the cleavage, but he can’t see much more of the breast. Now if you’re really daring, you might want to search for those deep V-necklines that go so low that they expose the belly button. This type of suit is extremely revealing of a lot of skin.

Swimwear trends this year most definitely include cutouts that also show cleavage. You’ll find suits that have cutouts on the sides, at the back of the suit, or running horizontally or vertically in the cleavage region. Cutouts can be anywhere. Buy a suit with cutouts that highlight your best assets like your cleavage. Cutout suits also work wonders for hiding those parts of your body that you don’t want to highlight.

Many name brand designers have incorporated cutouts into their 2010-2011 collections. For sure, you won’t have shopping problems due to the vast variety of suits that are designed to fit your body type and your pocketbook.

Strings can also be used to flaunt bikini cleavage. There are tops that have strings between the breasts. This gives a peek at the cleavage without revealing too much. The nice thing about this is that it is not only good for those who really have bikini cleavage but even for those who have little. The strings give the illusion that there is something interesting behind.

Swimsuits with built in pads are also great for highlighting your cleavage. The pads will give your breasts the push they need for a perfect looking cleavage.

The Village at Westlake

The Village at Westlake is Southwest Austin’s premiere shopping center. Located at 701 South Capital of Texas Highway 360 & Bee Cave Road, the retail center features 220,000 square feet of upscale shopping and dining for you to enjoy. It is home to over 30 retailers ranging from a neighborhood grocery store to specialty clothing boutiques.

If you’re looking to cross a few items off your grocery list visit the Village at Westlake’s H-E-B grocery store. The store features unexpected extras including its own sushi bar, a large bulk food section, in-store cooking demonstrations, and curbside delivery service. Other large retailers at this mall include Barnes and Noble bookstore, where you’ll find new and classic books magazines, and music, and gifts for the whole family.

Those who enjoy boutique shopping will love exploring the Village at Westlake’s many specialty boutiques. Bright Beginnings, a children’s clothing and accessory store, offers the latest fashions for your little ones. If it’s fine children’s furniture and gifts you are looking for, Dolce Baby is the place to go. Those in the market for a fresh pair of sneakers will love Tyler’s Sports. This retailer is a favorite of college students and features casual clothing, swimwear, a wide selection of footwear from flip-flops to skate shoes.

The mall also features specialty retailers you won’t find anywhere else. Fashionistas of all ages will love Hip Chick, a women’s clothing and accessory boutique specializing in designer and celebrity-inspired fashions. JoS. A. Bank features an impressive selection of men’s suits and business wear.

The Village at Westlake also has plenty of great places to dine. La Madeline is a great Sunday afternoon lunch spot serving salads and sandwiches and a superb tomato bisque soup. Hang Town Grill is a fun, family restaurant with lots of options from char-grilled burgers to pizza and sandwiches. If you’re in the mood for something more exotic, be sure to try Thai Spice. The restaurant serves delicious Thai cuisine and fresh sushi.

If you love the thought of living near great West Lake Hills area schools, restaurants and shopping then living in a Westlake neighborhood may be for you.

Sagittarius 2015 – 2016 Horoscope

Career and Money

With all the fiery activity in the heavens, this year promises great success and new opportunities. This is a great year for coming up with creative new ideas that can lead to business success. If you are working in media, PR, advertising, sales, technology, software, engineering, this is going to be a particularly good year for you. This is a time to push yourself outwards, to network and to connect with as many different people as possible. You can achieve public recognition for your efforts as well as significant financial gains. You are in the limelight this year Sagittarius.

With all this excitement going on, you may be tempted to take on more than you can chew. Keep in mind that it is so much easier to get into something than to get out of it. Rather under-commit and leave yourself breathing room rather than over-commit and find yourself frazzled and frustrated.

Use your intuition when you are in dealings with other people. Not all of them will be working in your best interests. Try to keep your personal and your professional life separate and keep a paper trail of important meetings and conversations. As long as you protect your back, you won’t end up being blindsided by someone who may have appeared honest and above board but who may be jealous of your success or your abilities.

Financially this looks like a very good year for you. Money will be coming in and you will see positive results from all your hard work. Just be careful about who you do business with as you are vulnerable to people taking advantage of you. If you can do that, you will be able to increase your finances substantially.

Your best times for business and professional activities are from February 11th until March 20th and from August 9th until September 25th.

An important time for business and career decisions is between July 27th until September 16th.


You’ll be popular and in demand this year. There is an excitement around you and new people will be drawn to you. You’re radiant, magnetic and you’ll have vibrancy and energy.

With your ability to make people laugh and to have fun, you can attract a whole new social circle into your life.

Because of the Neptune aspects around you this year, you have to be especially alert to attracting need people who will drain you rather than build you. Also be careful not to get into a relationship with someone who is unavailable. If someone is still living with their partner in an ‘unhappy’ marriage, there are no guarantees that they will ever leave and make a serious commitment to be with you.

If you are single, this is a very favourable year for meeting someone special. Because you have been changing so much in recent years, you may want to re-evaluate what you are looking for in a relationship. Take some time to think about this carefully so that when you meet someone, you will know quickly whether or not they tick your boxes.

If you are in a relationship, this is a year for total honesty, for sharing your emotions and not sweeping anything under the carpet. If you can do this, your relationship will thrive and move onto a whole new and nourishing level.

Your best times for love and romance are from February 12th until Marcy 18th, June 3rd to July 18th, August 1st to October 8th, December 19th to the end of the year

A Men’s Clothing Guide to Picking Out Jeans

Compared to previous years men have a lot more variety when it comes to picking out clothing and styles for their wardrobe. Gone are the days where mothers, girlfriends and wives did the clothes shopping for them. Now with so many styles and looks men are keen to do their own shopping and find the right men’s clothing that will look attractive and appealing. Jeans are the most popular type of clothing and worn by people all over the world. Below is a style guide to help you decide the ideal men’s clothing to suit your jeans and the different styles of jeans available.

When you pick out a pair of jeans you have to understand that your jeans will get looser as you wear them in. You may try on a pair of jeans at a men’s clothing store and feel that they fit you perfectly, but in a couple months time you will wonder why they are riding a little low at the hips. The jean fibres become loose with wear so you need to pick a size slightly tighter than you normally wear. While trying on a new pair of jeans think of the shirts and other types of men’s clothing you own that would work as an outfit. If there are not a lot of outfits you can coordinate with the jeans you are trying on, it might be a good idea to wait and find a better pair.

If you are tall and slim skinny jeans are the ideal look for you. Skinny jeans should be worn with a loose t-shirt. This is a great opportunity to put your concert t-shirts to good use. Most of the older rock stars wore skinny jeans. You can recreate this classic look by wearing a concert t-shirt with your jeans. Dog tags, bracelets and studded belts are ideal accessories to pull off this look successfully. You can wear a flannel full sleeved collared shirt over the t-shirt with the buttons opened if you want a layered look. There are a lot of different types of men’s clothing that can go well with your skinny jeans.

Straight leg and boot cut are the most popular type of men’s jeans. The idea of a straight leg cut is that it is neither fitting nor too loose. They can be worn for a special date or just on any day of the week. Straight leg jeans can be coordinated with any other type of men’s clothing. A lot of men like to branch out and experiment with colours when it comes to straight leg jeans. Popular colours include black, blue, white and brown. Boot cut jeans are usually more rugged looking and have cargo pockets on the side of the legs. They are a lot baggier and are wider around the ankle to accommodate the style of wearing boots with jeans. Polo shirts and full sleeved collared shirts are just some of the types of men’s clothing that look great with boot cut jeans. Boot cut jeans are sometimes referred to as worker’s jeans. Acid washed jeans come into fashion every once in a while but stone washed jeans will always be a classier look. Now that you have gotten the low down about the different types of jeans and men’s clothing that look attractive with them you can arrange your wardrobe accordingly.

New Car Dealers, You Have a Future in "Buy Here, Pay Here"

As new-vehicle sales continue to be affected by the economy, and with the decreasing average credit scores of vehicle purchasing customers, many franchise dealers are considering adding a buy-here pay-here operation as another profit center for their business. This addition of Buy Here, Pay Here is not as easy as opening another used car lot and can be expensive and cash flow negative for some time. The long term profit potential, however is more consistent and predictable than the new vehicle department. This is Part 1 of a series of articles to help new car dealers understand the BHPH business.

I started my BHPH business when I had a new car store and ran them both for over 26 years.

For some time, buy-here, pay-here has had the image of an operation not particularly good for new car franchisees. To begin with, due to the difference in demographic of the customer, new car franchise staff and owners have been concerned that they would have too many BHPH customers tieing them up in their new car showrooms. Also, there may have been a concern that once a new car store became known for selling buy here pay here, the average Fico score of its’ customers may drop, and the retail banks approval rates may go down for their “good” credit customers. Some of these may be partially true, but the benefits are so strong, and there are ways to do BHPH without having the negatives.

You will have to make a commitment to this mentally, financially and with your time. I like to think of it as another franchise with very good long term possibilities, but it will need some attention.

How to start…

1) You need to get an education in Buy Here Pay Here.

Start by going to the NABD web site (National Association of BHPH Dealers). There are a list of resources, seminars and free stuff to get you started. Both CarBiz and Leedom Associates and many others offer training also.

Then join a twenty group. These are offered specifically for BHPH by NCM, CarBiz and Leedom Associates. You will learn more here than you can use, but it also is intensive and if you are not open to friendly criticism, stressful. There is no better way to learn BHPH and how to run your business effectively.

2) You have to figure out how much you want to invest, before you decide how large and how fast you want to grow. The negative cash flow numbers can be HUGE ( they can be $100’s of thousands a year if you are not careful). Slow solid growth is the way to go.

3) For new franchise dealers, in my opinion, you need a separate lot, with a new company name to make this work. With the lot, you also need dedicated BHPH personnel. Your new car people will probably not be able to make the adjustment without some physical separation.

4) Be sure to set your underwriting guidelines and deal structure (how much your cars cost, the profit and how much money you want at risk per deal) before the first car is delivered. Don’t understand this stuff…see 1) above.

5) You need experienced collectors. Your loan portfolio will not pay out if you put good cars and good loans on the books, but have poor collection. Buy Here Pay Here is more of a collection business than a sales business for the truly successful dealers.

6) Many of the trade ins you are currently sending to auction will be your BHPH inventory. You will also need a special buyer to buy your BHPH inventory. It takes a different look and feel to buy these cars. They are typically higher mileage and older, but need to be solid, reliable cars. You may be able to write more new car deals also, as now the older trades are worth a more to you.

It’s a little work, but like I said, treat it as a another franchise. How much would you invest to have a franchise that can sell into a credit challenged market like we have today?

Check out the rest of my series of articles here at Ezines for New Car Dealers and the BHPH franchise!

Wide Width Wedding Shoes – Getting to Know Your Feet

Wide width wedding shoe designers have now caught on to the fact that not all brides can get their feet into slim slender styling wedding shoes. This demand has woken designers up to the fact that women are getting to know their feet better and this new found relationship has made women think twice about the 5 inch heels and 1 inch wide platforms that can cripple your feet and spoil your wedding day.

This does not mean the modern bride has thrown elegance and glamour out of the window in fact women are demanding higher standards as far as fashion is concerned than ever before. Women need wide width wedding shoes for all kind of reasons and shoes are in fact cut to different ‘lasts’. The last of a shoe is the cut and this is why one style of shoe in your normal shoe size fits and you need a bigger size in another style. With this in mind in order to order the correct shoe size for you, if you try on any shoe cut to a last the shoes will fit.

Confusing I know, but this is a better way of getting to know which wide width wedding shoes you will need. For example, you have seen a pair of flat wedding shoes that have been cut to a ‘last A’ if you try on another shoe at ‘last A’ this will give you the size for the shoe you wish to order.

Feet come in all different proportions and this again can course problems. You could have feet that are narrow around the heal area and wider around the bridge and so when ordering wide width wedding shoes it is always better to try on the shoes first. Make sure you order them from a website that accepts returns just in case.

Above all it is easier to choose wide width wedding shoes in a style that you are used to wearing, if you always wear flat shoes then order a pretty pair of wedding flats there are some very pretty ones available now and most are available as wide width wedding shoes. Designers are now producing wide width wedding shoes up to EEE and these elegant shoes are perfect for complementing the latest fashions in wedding dresses.

Before settling on a style remember that comfort is everything and with the latest styles of wide width wedding shoes it is best to choose the designers that place extra padding around the pressure areas like the throat of the shoe and the toe area it will really pay off when you have been standing all day.

Google’s Mobile Shift – An Important 2015 Algorithm Update

For over a month now, there has been a lot of news about Google alarming webmasters regarding Mobile Friendly Web design. It started with massive warnings in Google’s webmaster tool and now it’s out in the open. On its official blog Google announced that it’s going to give SERP upthrust to websites that are “mobile friendly” & April 21st has been announced as a D-day by Google.

Two major changes in this update are as follows:

1) Increased number of Mobile Friendly websites in Search Results

2) Increased crawling of App Content and its indexing by Google.

If your website requires users to do a lot of left and right scrolling on mobile devices, it’s time to get a new design that is cross device friendly viz – Mobile phones & Tablets along with Desktop screens.

Back in 2011, Google used to award top ranks to websites that were stuffed with keywords. This is a huge shift in how Google’s algorithm used to work with more focus being on user experience now.

So whether you have a new website or an existing one, it’s time to consider your mobile Internet Marketing strategy seriously.

Below are the important points that every webmaster should consider evaluating:-

1) Is the website easy to navigate on Smartphones & Tablets alike?

Desktop & Mobile versions have different layouts but have a unified goal to allow better user experience. With the widespread adoption of “mobile first” HTML frameworks like Bootstrap, there has been a revolution in front end development. These frameworks allow every web design agency to code front-ends that are not only creative but are also easy to deploy on all screen-sizes.

You can use Google’s Mobile friendly test tool ( https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ ) to ensure that your website works well on all devices.

2) Time to flush Adobe’s Flash?

If you are still running a website that is heavily relying on Flash, it’s time to go HTML5. Several SMBs are still running websites that have flash embedded. Since Google can not index Flash & due to its unavailability on Apple Devices, it makes sense to adapt HTML5 over flash.

3) Are you managing Mobile Redirects well?

In good old days, when webmasters had two different versions of their websites – one mobile and other desktop – it was all about redirecting mobile users to a whole new root directory that had mobile optimized content. If you are still playing that ball game, it’s time to ensure that your Smartphone Crawl errors are closest to a possible zero.

4) Is your Mobile App Content Google Indexable?

Google has a step-by-step guide for developers that can help them create mobile applications that are easy to index. So if your business heavily relies on a mobile app that has a lot of content which can boost your mobile presence, it’s time to allow the Google-bot in. With your app content being indexed in the search engine, it’s definitely going to boost your mobile Search Engine rankings. It makes sense to ask your Internet marketing agency to consult you on “best SEO practices” for your mobile application content.

5) How fast is your website’s load time on a Mobile Device?

If your website is not loading fast enough on mobile devices, it could be either due to high resolution images or faulty JavaScript. Often times, pop-ups and several unwanted elements are ported to Mobile web design by default. It’s a sane & practical approach to have these elements either negated or “minified” for mobile devices to improve Mobile load time of your website.

So how well are you prepared for this mobile shift by Google? Not sure? Perhaps, it’s time to ask your Web Design Agency for a new layout that works well on all screen sizes. We hope these tips would help you make your move intelligently. Every Google update is an opportunity to do better than your competition by adapting to the upcoming changes. It is important that webmasters & developers understand & implement these mobile tips to take maximum advantage of Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update.

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